A music Blog dedicated to the grey anatomy of everything marked BEL and worthwhile listening pleasure for a larger audience, even if they live outside this small spot on the globe called Belgium.
What Does It All Mean?

People around these parts have produced some fine and lasting contributions to the aural excitement of mankind and they have universal value, relevance and beauty but they're hardly known outside a small circle of people.

I started with this page after I joined the Couchsurfing network and I found myself confronted with the burning question what to bring along from my home country as a gift whenever I go abroad to visit other couchsurfers and make use of their hospitality.
I started with chocolates but I found out that the only thing that can stand the test of time, temperature, collateral damage and hunger (try travelling for a couple of weeks or months with some bars of chocolate in your bag and see what you come up with at the end) is music!

That’s how I started collecting music made by my fellow countrymen and women or the odd occasional visitor and expad but I don’t know when and where this is going to stop, because after more than a year of research I found myself drowning in music worth hours of splendid quality time and I’m still not yet hitting rock bottom.

A lot of the content on this page is rather danceable stuff and French spoken. Some oldies and some brand new. I’ll try to be as broad, diverse and versatile as possible in order to have an nice balance. Something for everyone :) The only criteria I use is that a song should be worthwhile for someone who doesn’t speak the language and that it has some original point of view. Either in the style, the instrumentation, sounds or words. No bad covers or lost idols.
So, enjoy!